Fluid Service Technologies (FST) is an industrial fluid maintenance company specializing in custom fluid maintenance programs, consulting services, machine tool cleaning, recycling systems, waste minimization, disposal and maintenance equipment.

For more than twenty years, our customers have relied on us to maintain the fluids in their metalworking facilities. FST will reduce fluid concentrate usage, reduce fluid waste and reduce disposal costs while maintaining a cleaner work environment. Our services are proven to reduce costs and provide optimal productivity.

The FST team includes certified technicians and supervisors, knowledgeable chemists and veteran managers. We serve our customers in machine shops and related metalworking industrial facilities with the highest level of services, a focus on cost reduction and a commitment to safety.

Why FST?
  • We know metalworking fluids
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Full laboratory support
  • Complete range of fluid maintenance services
  • Reduction in fluid usage, fluid waste and disposal costs
  • Services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Large hardware manufacturer

FST Survey
Identified excessive coolant usage and disposal costs. One production line using more than 3000 gallons of fluid concentrate per month. Additional problems included heavy sludge collection in sumps, high bacterial counts,and poor water quality.

FST Recommendation
Installation of fluid recycling system – centrifuge system with pasteurization, and on-site fluid maintenance technicians.

In the first seven months of implementation, reduction in concentrate usage saved the plant $87,000

Semiconductor equipment manufacturer

FST Survey
Production would not let the lines be shut down to allow for the yearly cleaning of the 14 machines. The company
estimated that it would take them more than seventy hours to do the job using four maintenance technicians on overtime.

FST Recommendation
Contract FST to bring in a crew leader and one technician to clean the fourteen machines in an estimated forty-two
hours on four consecutive Sundays.

By working Sundays, the facility was able to shut down 4-5 machines at a time, thus minimizing downtime and lost production. They reported a total cost savings of $2730

Oil field drill bit manufacturer

FST Survey
During corporate consolidation, two large manufacturing facilities had a combined work force of twelve technicians and a manager tending to all of the chemical processes. The combined total expenditure was over $70,000 per month.

FST Recommendation
FST created a job scope that included 24 hour, seven days a week coverage with six technicians and an on-site manager.
FST will manage all fluid processes and all industrial janitorial duties in the facility.

By providing full coverage and having on-site management, FST was able to reduce the workforce needed to complete the job scope, as well as a hard cost savings of $31,000 per month

Aviation and defense manufacturer

FST Survey
The facility was experiencing coolant failures every two weeks. FST found improper coolant maintenance practices
and excessive waste disposal volumes.

FST Recommendation
FST will provide a service that includes coolant maintenance and a monthly preventative maintenance machine-cleaning schedule.
This program has created a 65% reduction in coolant concentrate & 73% reduction in coolant waste disposal

In addition, working conditions improved significantly by controlling the bacteria growth in the sumps & eliminating
foul odors.

FST Launches New Website

Fluid Service Technologies (FST) launched a new website that provides an improved presentation of its full range of capabilities. The new site welcomes its visitors with a clean design and easy navigation where users will quickly find content on FST services.

The new website was built with a responsive design and is very mobile friendly. Users on any device can easily navigate to find information on FST fluid maintenance programs, machine cleaning and other industrial services. The FST Tech Tool App is also highlighted on the new website.

Posted on: 08 Sep 16

Fluid Service Technologies

Our goal is to reduce the amount of fluid waste and disposal generated by a manufacturer. We do this by conducting a thorough shop evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current fluid maintenance procedures including recycling and waste minimization equipment, and then develop a custom fluid maintenance program based on our findings. All FST custom fluid maintenance programs begin with a guaranteed cost savings solution.