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Fluid Service Technologies protects your production through maintenance and management of metalworking fluids, keeping machines clean and workspaces producing.

Reduce or eliminate operational downtime, safety hazards, unplanned tooling expense, operator dissatisfaction and compliance problems with FST!


Coolant Maintenance & Management

Coolant maintenance, recycling, management, and optimization service. Protecting metalworking fluid utlity and performance. Reduce or eliminate fluid-related problems that hinder production schedules and lower tool and equipment life.

Machine Cleaning

Machine cleaning service. Protecting production, tools and equipment. Services to clean and refresh machines and equipment.

Production Environment Cleaning

Facility care and environment cleaning service. Protecting production environments and workers. Keep facilities, workspaces and people safe, effective and performing.


Start 2023 with clean, better performing machines. Cleaning your machines regularly can help your machine and coolants perform better, last longer, and reduce unnecessary downtime. Schedule your machine cleaning today to protect your metalworking performance and productivity.

Protecting metalworking production.

Fluid Service Technology leads in the industry by delivering operational protection through specialized maintenance, cleaning and industrial services that keeps production rates and operator satisfaction high, while sanitizing workplaces to reduce the probability of COVID-19 infection.

FST is the source metalworking businesses and operational leaders count on to keep fluids optimally performing, to clean and inspect machinery, to keep facilities clean and free from hazards and to properly dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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CARE360™ Solution and Services

Fluid Maintenance

FST fluid maintenance includes a full range of services from coolant sample analysis and consultation to the complete on-site maintenance of a manufacturing facility’s metalworking fluids.

Machine Cleaning

 FST technicians provide expert cleaning of metalworking machinery and equipment including central systems, machining centers, mills, lathes, grinders and parts washers.

Industrial Disposal

FST provides disposal services for liquid and solid waste including coolants, oil, oily wastewater, cleaners and absorbents.

Machine Tool Painting

FST can revitalize the look of your machine tools and industrial equipment with detailed cleaning and professional painting to provide a like-new appearance

Industrial Janitorial

FST keeps your facility safe and clean. This includes services from floor maintenance, wall and window cleaning to pressure washing and production/warehouse cleanup.

NEW!  Facility Sanitizing—MicroCloud™ Technology

Keep your facilities and people safe from COVID-19! Our MicroCloud™ technology provides an innovative industrial sanitization equipment and materials designed to rapidly disinfect offices, schools, warehouses, shops and vehicles. We can sanitize for you, or you can have the equipment to do your own sanitization, your way!

Our Customer Success Stories

Hardware Manufacturer

Excessive coolant use and disposal were an issue. One production line used over 3000 gallons of fluid concentrate per month. FST installed a fluid recycling system and onsite maintenance personnel.

Savings of $87,000 in first seven months.

Electronics Equipment Mfr.

Production couldn’t be shut down for annual maintenance due to time and disruption to operations and personnel.

FST placed onsite personnel to clean fourteen machines in 40% less time and with an estimated $2,370 cost savings.

Oilfield Drill Bit Manufacturer

The company had a staff of twelve technicians and a manager to keep track of all chemical processes.

FST onsite personnel, halving the number of technicians, perform all fluid maintenance and janitorial.

Savings were $31,000 per month.

Protect your
metalworking production.

Reduce the amount of fluid waste and disposal generated. Let FST conduct a thorough shop evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current fluid maintenance procedures, including recycling and waste minimization equipment. We’ll develop a custom fluid maintenance program based on our findings.

All FST custom fluid maintenance programs begin with a guaranteed cost savings solution.

Smart Coolant


Unique to the industry and only offered by FST, Techtool puts you in control of your metalworking fluid performance. Through quick and easy data collection, analysis, insight and predictive recommendations, The TechTool app helps you create a smarter production environment. 

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