Industries protected by FST

Manufacturers depend on Fluid Service Technologies to keep their production predictable, productive, and cost effective. 

Through 20 years of coolant management maintenance, machine cleaning, and production fluid optimization, FST has been trusted and proven to protect the production in these industries. 

Our Technologies

CARE360™ Solutions

Optimizes production by reducing common problems associated with poor maintenance.


Fast, effective facility and equipment sanitizing that keeps you ahead of COVID-19.


Keeping you ahead of fluid problems before they happen through data, analysis and insight.

Industries Served


The valve industry is rapidly changing and becoming more competitive every year. Regulations and compliance issues are changing, customers require faster deliveries of custom products with unique materials. The cost of a late shipment to the end user’s facility can derail their entire maintenance and repair operation and cost millions. It’s now more important than ever for valve manufacturers to focus on their core competencies and to outsource those activities that only slow down operations. 

  • Custom metalworking fluid maintenance, management, and optimization programs designed to make more predictable production capabilities
  • Coolant system expert consulting and lab analysis. 
  • Thorough machine cleaning and restoration.
Valve CNC Coolant maintenace


One of the first, most important steps in remanufacturing is the cleaning of core and related components. Cleaning must occur before components can be inspected and approved to be moved forward into rebuilding and assembly. The success of the REMAN process is highly dependent on the application and maintenance of the cleaning fluids.

  • Evaluating clean out schedules to find new efficiencies in the process and fluid application.
  • Thorough machine cleanings that help the cleaning solutions last longer.
  • Fluid lab testing and maintenance to ensure the fluid optimal conditions are met (Concentration, PH, water hardness, tempurature, etc).
Remanufacturing aqueous cleaning solution optimization program


For over 15 years, FST has been protecting aerospace parts manufacturers through custom fluid maintenance programs that meet the industry’s most stringent requirements.

FST continues to be a trusted partner in the aerospace industry, trusted and proven to protect product quality, production schedules, and fluid compliance.

  • Metalworking fluid management and optimization programs
  • Metalworking fluid compliance and environmental consulting
  • Thorough CNC machine cleaning and restoration
Aerospace coolant management


Fluid Service Technologies helps machine movers create a competitive advantage and create cleaner, safer operating conditions for their business by offering machine cleaning and fluid maintenance services that compliment the services they already perform for their customers.

  • Machine Cleaning Parterships – Make our machine cleaning services an additional value for machine movers to quote with their machine moving services. Machine moving preparation and post move production preparation.
  • Referral Program – Get more qualified leads from machine movers who interact with our target consumers on a daily basis. Offer a generous referral incentive for the business they refer to us.
FST Machine Cleaning

Achieve Your Optimal Point

FST conducts for it’s customer on-site survey to determine the optimal fluid point. This is the first step toward creating cost savings and finding the optimal point where the cost of a fluid maintenance meets savings from reduced fluid usage and waste.

Illustration of the relationship between proactive fluid maintenance and usage.
This is only an example. Your savings may differ.

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