About Fluid Service Technologies

The industry’s only 360° production protection through fluid, equipment, machinery and facility maintenance and management.

FST is production peace of mind.

Our Technologies

CARE360™ Solutions

Optimizes production by reducing common problems associated with poor maintenance.


Fast, effective facility and equipment sanitizing that keeps you ahead of COVID-19.


Keeping you ahead of fluid problems before they happen through data, analysis and insight.

About Fluid Service Technologies

Fluid Service Technologies (FST) is the leading industrial fluid maintenance company, specializing in custom fluid maintenance programs, consulting services, machine tool cleaning, recycling systems, waste minimization, disposal and maintenance equipment.

For over twenty years, FST customers have relied on us to maintain the fluids in their metalworking facilities to reduce fluid concentrate usage, fluid waste and disposal costs—while maintaining a cleaner work environment. Our services are proven to reduce costs and provide optimal productivity.

The FST team includes certified technicians and supervisors, knowledgeable chemists and veteran managers. We serve our customers in machine shops and related metalworking industrial facilities with the highest level of services, a focus on cost reduction and a commitment to safety.

Why FST?

  • We know metalworking fluids
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Full laboratory support
  • Complete range of fluid maintenance services
  • Reduction in fluid usage, fluid waste and disposal costs
  • Services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

The Very Best Solution Value


Fluid Cleanliness and Management

Operational protection through customer fluid maintenance programs designed around your unique needs.


Equipment Maintenance

Keeping machines and equipment at their peak performance through refresh and Level I-IV machine cleaning services.


Industrial Janitorial

Facility, operator and workspace protection through comprehensive fluid recovery, waste disposal, hazard removal, janitorial and machine painting services.


Fast, Effective Santization

Innovative industrial cleaning and sanitizing services to both large and small facilities that keep workplaces safe and run smoothly even in today’s COVID-19 environment.

Years Serving Customers

Completed Projects

Our Culture and Values to Benefit You

What We Stand For—

  • CONSIDERATION: We treat others the way we want to be treated
  • CUSTOMER NEEDS: We are in business to take care of our customers
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We are motivated by the challenge of getting better every day
  • CASH FLOW: We generate cash flow that supports our independence and growth
  • COMMUNITY: We support the communities where we live and work internally and externally
  • COMMON SENSE: We use our intuition and past experience to make the right decision. Safety first.

Achieve Your Optimal Point

FST conducts for it’s customer on-site survey to determine the optimal fluid point. This is the first step toward creating cost savings and finding the optimal point where the cost of a fluid maintenance meets savings from reduced fluid usage and waste.

Illustration of the relationship between proactive fluid maintenance and usage.
This is only an example. Your savings may differ.

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