The industry’s first and most comprehensive fluid management tool available.

TechTool puts you in control of your production fluid performance through data collection, analysis, insight and predictive recommendation.


Protecting metalworking fluids, machinery and tooling, workspaces and people.

TechTool Coolant Monitoring App

Fluid performance management and insight.

TechTool, only from Fluid Service Technology, allows customers and technicians around the world to quickly enter all coolant maintenance related data. Easily determine what coolant is being used in a specific machine, as well as when a machine was last serviced, and who the service technician was.

This mobile app stores and reports: pH readings, refractometer readings, waste amounts, recycling and the inventory you have on hand.

With a simple touch of a button, all the information is easily exported into reports for distribution to operational leaders, customers, managers and other departments.

Comprehensive information. Easy, intuitive interface.

Techtool allows you to quickly and easily log information such as coolant condition, machine condition, bacteria levels, fungus levels, coolant maintenance logs, machine maintenance logs, and much more. Easily identify and fix common problems with the help of TechTools’s visual inspection and troubleshooting guides. If the problem requires help from one of our certified fluid technicians, easily request a service appointment directly from the app. 

Get a birds eye view of your fluid and machines through TechTool’s production reporting feature. 


TechTool Coolant Monitoring App

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