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Fluid Service Technologies is here to serve you. Our experts, solutions, services and equipment have been designed to help companies just like yours.

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Common Questions—

What are the core values of FST?
  • CONSIDERATION: We treat others the way we want to be treated
  • CUSTOMER NEEDS: We are in business to take care of our customers
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We are motivated by the challenge of getting better every day
  • CASH FLOW: We generate cash flow that supports our independence and growth
  • COMMUNITY: We support the communities where we live and work internally and externally
  • COMMON SENSE: We use our intuition and past experience to make the right decision. Safety first.
What industries or business does FST serve?

We serve the needs of metalworking and manufacturing companies across the energy, electronics, automotive, aerospace, trucking, construction, heavy equipment and custom fabrication industries.

What does FST do the very best?

FST is focused on maximizing your production environment and business profitability. Unlike other companies that sell services, every solution and service is designed to ensure that you have minimized downtime and disruption, while extending the life and safety of your fluids, equipment and machinery and facilities.

Can you help me with COVID-19 worker safety?

Yes. FST has a specialized MicroCloud service that is designed to assist you in creating and maintaining a safe worker environment during COVID-19. MicroCloud sanitizes offices, industrial buildings, shops and vehicles with advanced tools and sanitizing chemicals that leave no wetness or residue.

How is FST different than other fluid maintenance companies?

It’s pretty simple. FST offers a full range of end-to-end fluid, equipment and facilities programs designed to protect production environments from unplanned downtime and disruption, workplace injury, lowered product quality and higher cost of business. FST focuses on your business, others focus on selling you a service.

Can FST outsource all my fluid and facility management and maintenance?

Yes… and no. FST is a fluid, machine and equipment and facility maintenance company. Within the scope of our services and equipment we can take full responsibility for your fluid management, equipment cleaning and refresh and facility janitorial needs.